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Office Supplies

Streamline Your Workplace It's your workplace. Let's streamline it.

At OfficeMax we’re more than your vendor or supplier. We’re your partner, and we understand that no two organizations are alike. Get the supplies, solutions and services that your workplace specifically needs from one single source.

OfficeMax has partnered with a multitude of businesses to help them streamline their workplaces by providing the selection, quality and solutions that they count on—every day. View our case studies and read real-world success stories to see the difference that OfficeMax | Office Supplies has made, and discover how we can help your business succeed in the future.

  • Efficiency

    Success and efficiency go hand in hand. As your partner, we work with you to simplify processes and consolidate vendors so that you can save time, increase productivity and streamline your workplace.

Simplifying Processes
Boost efficiency in how you order, receive, pay, measure and collectively manage your supply program.

Consolidating Vendors
Achieve best-in-class status with fewer steps, so you can maintain
an effective supply program for your business–all by leveraging
one point of contact to prepare trends and key research.

  • Cost Savings

    Increase your savings and positively impact your bottom line by focusing your spend on your most frequently used items as well as on items that provide the most value to your workplace. By leveraging us as your consultant, we can help you achieve bottom-line cost savings and reduce additional soft dollar costs.

Focusing Spend
Drive down costs and realize overall savings by focusing
on core items that you use most or that have strategic value.

Analyzing Hard & Soft Costs
Obtain cost savings across multiple categories by analyzing hard
and soft costs that transcend pens and paper.

  • Cost Savings

    By increasing the control your organization has, you can reduce the expensive internal procurement behaviors that can cost your workplace day in and day out. Getting hands-on with your workplace gives you a better handle on it.

Reshaping Costly Purchasing Behaviors
Decrease expenses and achieve a lower total cost of ownership. Pinpoint areas where savings can improve through proprietary tools on core items that you use most or that have strategic value.

Gaining Visibility Into Total Spend
Identify areas for savings and get clarity and control over your entire workplace by gaining insight into how your company procures.