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Print & Documents solutions that match your business and its needs.

OfficeMax® recognizes the importance and complexity of your documentation needs.

That's why we offer two levels of integration for you to choose from:

  • Managed Print Services provides the high efficiency onsite printing your business demands at the lower costs only experienced insight can bring.
  • Print & Document Services delivers the same high-caliber printing without the overhead, by taking advantage of OfficeMax's network of offsite print centers.

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Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print Services lets you bring OfficeMax's printing expertise to your in-house operations via a custom analysis that matches your business's needs with the precise printing capacity required.

In addition, our proprietary software provides a window into your day-to-day printing expenses, giving you insight into instantaneous demand and longer-term usage necessary to keep costs under control.

Expense tracking information OfficeMax MPS offers:

  • Printer to employee ratios
  • Output utilization rates for each device
  • Right sizing of technology
  • Volume tracking and cost oversight

Visibility increasing/Cost limiting protocols MPS provides:

  • Effective print rules
  • Color controls
  • Consumption based billing
  • Real-time usage reporting
  • Printing quotas
  • Continuous uptime monitoring
  • Efficiency guidelines for resource distribution

And should your printing needs ever outstrip your MPS in-house capacity, you can rely on OfficeMax in-store print centers to meet your needs.

Print & Document Services

With OfficeMax®, businesses take advantage of high-quality on-demand print centers without shouldering the expense of purchasing and maintaining sophisticated document processing equipment.

Taking full advantage of 21st century "cloud" computing, OfficeMax lets you:

  • House your documentation online, control brand assets and print only when necessary.
  • Use distribution facilities and retail Print Centers to print all over the country.
  • Decrease the cost of on-site document storage.
  • Reduce staff documentation time by relying on our dedicated account reps on an as-needed basis.

OfficeMax also provides everything your business expects from a full service print center, including:

  • Exceptional print quality
  • Increased turnaround times
  • Faster return on your investments
  • Reduced distribution costs
  • Lower shipping fees
  • More efficient print distribution
  • Enhanced tracking and control
  • FedEx® shipping services

In addition, you'll have access to the full range of advanced digital documentation services: presentations, manuals, flyers, sell sheets, proposals, brochures, newsletters, posters, oversized printing and more.

With Managed Print Services and Print & Document Services, OfficeMax provides two great solutions for meeting both your documentation and budgetary goals.

Case Studies

Case Studies

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Pacific Medical Centers
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